Tic Tac Toe – Multiplayer Game

Tic Tac Toe – Multiplayer Game, also known as noughts and crosses, it is a simplistic yet functional take on the classic game that almost everyone has played or heard of! It is available to download for free from the Google play store.

The game has three modes to choose from:

  • Arcade – (Player versus AI) Play against the computer with three difficulty settings (Easy, Moderate, Hard)
  • Multiplayer – Local multiplayer so you can play against someone next to you on the same screen.
  • Challenging – Allows you to challenge your friends or random people online.

The AI in “Arcade” mode was developed to learn and adapt to your playstyle and makes it highly unpredictable to play against in any difficulty mode. In addition AI mode is available offline so you can enjoy a game without an internet connection!

Each mode allows you to select the grid size, essentially letting you choose a secondary difficulty setting, for example, selecting “Easy” in the arcade combined with “3 X 3” will give you the easiest possible game while selecting “Hard” and “9 X 9” will make it the most difficult to play against.

Each grid size requires a different amount of selected squares in a line to win, for “3 X 3” it’s three, for “6 X 6” it’s four and for “9 X 9” it’s six, with the grid size changes, these options are already interesting and well planned out.

The “9 X 9” sized grid will definitely last the longest in each difficulty; to win, either side must line up six selected squares instead of the usual three, already making the game more challenging due to each move being countered more easily.

You can challenge your friends or face against a random person in the “Challenging” mode, this gives you an invite code you can send to your friend or you can simply select the random button to be matched with someone.

Players can go to the settings section and change their nickname in game for online purposes as well as choose from four different background colours, giving the player some customisation features.

KingIT Solutions’ Tic Tac Toe – Multiplayer Game is an interesting take on the classic pastime we have all played at least once in our lives. The simplistic aesthetic style pairs well with the gameplay and creates a user friendly, yet fun experience bringing back nostalgia from school days.