What is Musiverse?

Musiverse is a ground-breaking Web3 project that breaks the confines of how we traditionally use NFTs. A community centered around music, Musiverse aims to bring the revolution of Web3 to the social sphere, and introduce its benefits to real-world music communities around the Globe. 

Musiverse’s Keys open doors for social, financial, and artistic values at the same time. They give exclusive access to offline events worldwide, and to Musiverse’s online community spaces. The Keys will also provide financial benefits with the $MSV Token launch in 2023. True to their core values the Keys also include an exclusive NFT song selection produced by the exceptionally talented musicians of the project’s leading partner, Housematic Radio.

The first NFT Collection will give the holders free access to the VIP section in public parties and concerts, to community meet-ups, private NFT parties, festivals, and conferences all around the world.

Musiverse’s new invention: The People. Market. Fuel. (PMF) Model

The utilities given by the NFTs are gradually unlocked with the expansion and evolution of the Musiverse.

P, as People who Party:

Lifetime VIP pass to real-world events

Holders will be able to attend our music & community events all around the world for free by verifying their NFT ownership. Available forever from the mint.

Collecting Memorial SBTs

NFT Holders will receive unique Memorial Soulbound NFTs whenever they enter an event of ours. These SBTs will reward their holders in several ways including token airdrops and discounts. Available forever from the mint.

Alpha Role Discord

Direct access to our exclusive Musiverse Alpha Group on our Discord Server, which is only available for NFT holders. Available forever from the mint.

M, as Market for Music

Marketplace Whitelist

The Keys provide the opportunity to get whitelisted for the music NFT campaigns on our forthcoming Music NFT Marketplace. Available forever from the Marketplace Launch in 2023. Q3.

$MSV Whitelist

Holders will be able to take part in the 1st round presale of $MSV. The 1st round is going to be open for the NFT holders only. Available at $MSV Launch in 2023. Q2.

Music Access

The Keys provide private access to the exclusive, unreleased album of Housematic Radio containing the songs of the Radio’s talented musicians. Available forever from the mint.

DAO Phase 1

The holders will belong to phase 1 of the Musiverse DAO with the opportunity of making decisions in our event organization process. Available forever from 2023. Q1.

F, as Fuel for Finance

$MSV Distribution

During our forthcoming $MSV Token Launch, every staked NFT will receive a part of the total supply of $MSV, which provides DAO membership automatically. Available at $MSV Launch in 2023. Q2.

Leasing and Staking

Holders will be able to lease their staked NFTs on certain occasions, like events or music NFT whitelists on the forthcoming Marketplace. Musiverse is going to provide the platform for this purpose. Available forever from 2023. Q1.

The Founders of Musiverse

Barnabás Sára; CEO

Márió Ványi; CEO

KingIT Solutions and Musiverse

KingIT Solutions has worked closely with Musiverse and developed the smart contracts needed for their cryptocurrency governance token, located on the ERC-721 ETH network. KingIT has also developed a Dapp for NFT minting on Metamask with integrated Fund Management, and created its reloadable collection. 

As part of our close collaboration, KingIT Solutions’ CEO Edvard Bene also took on the role of Project Manager and Consultant for creating Musiverse. 

Edvard is an entrepreneur, digital asset investor since 2019, and blockchain technologies enthusiast with 4+ years of experience in the technology and business sectors. 

As a business developer and project manager, Edvard is on a personal mission to help talented entrepreneurs disrupt various industries with blockchain technologies.