What is MotoFunClub?

MotoFunClub is website that focuses on bringing together motorcycle enthusiasts and offering them useful resources, such as searching for accommodation at events, catering, motorcycle festivals, motorcycle meet ups, individual tours and general services.

Key categories that are offered to members are:

  • Community – Members can discuss their interests and questions with others in the motorcycle community.
  • Tours – Members organise or join planned tours to get to know other enthusiasts.
  • Hospitality – A collection of motorcycle-friendly places, such as coffee and food shops, services and parking.
  • Events – A list of official events taking place that enthusiasts can attend.
  • Services – A set of information about help with emergency breakdowns and repairs.
  • Groups- Find out about motorcycle groups, how they work and how to join them.

MotoFunClub and KingIT Solutions

Using their expertise, KingIT Solutions has developed the website and backend systems for MotoFunClub, catering to all of their needs.

KingIT has developed multiple features for the website, including for front and backend systems. Custom plugins were developed for the website using PHP. The marketplace and event planning systems that are built into the website were specifically designed to be able to show a seller’s location or an event’s location.

The event planner is designed to allow users to submit their own planned events or join others that are already registered. The system allows the event planner to input key information about the event, such as the name, location, category, email contact information, start and end dates, biking experience level and how long the event is on for.

The marketplace is another plugin which was built from scratch by KingIT Solutions, it allows users to post listings of bikes, accessories and other associated motorcycle items. Each listing contains key information about the item, for example when listing a bike, the user can input their make, model, mileage, price, location, contact number and more.

A custom payment portal and billing system is set up on the website to enable streamlined payment for services provided by MotoFunClub, including premium memberships for services providers, e.g., mechanics and parts vendors.

Multiple user registration options were developed for specific use cases. These different registration options are split into 3 ways:

  • Motorcyclist and general membership – A membership for anyone who wishes to take part in events or organise them.
  • Accommodation/ hospitality service providers – A membership for those who wish to advertise their motorcycle friendly accommodation or services.
  • Service providers for parts or mechanics. – A membership for advertising mechanics services or selling parts to fix motorcycles.

 KingIT Solutions has created a seamless and enjoyable user experience using bespoke plugins to provide high quality features for MotoFunClub’s website, creating a blog post system, payment systems, registration systems, events planning and many more features that will allow motorcycle enthusiasts access to all the resources they could ever need to pursue their hobby.