Lucky Coin World

LCW main

Lucky Coin World is an online casino that uses blockchain technology and NFTs to make gambling easily accessible to everyone, especially to those who are „ruled out” of traditional gambling for some reason, to anyone who has been scammed or misled by fake promises and unverifiable chances, or to those who are not born fortunate enough to make it through the barrier of entry that most real-world gambling facilities set. With a player-oriented approach, they provide a much higher chance of winning for everyone than traditional games do.

Lottery Ticket NFTs:

LuckyCoinWorld will offer various lottery games for the users to participate in, each with unique properties. By purchasing NFTs from either of the collections (CLC, UCLC, RLC, ELC), holders automatically enter the lottery draft for said collection.

In case one doesn’t win, there is a possibility for „turning in” 5 of your non-winning NFTs in exchange for a unique Wheelspin Token that allows you to spin the Lucky Wheel for free.

Lucky Wheel:

Should you run out of funds or simply feel too lazy to transact tokens to your wallet, fear not: the Lucky Wheel feature lets you participate in the fun for free once a day. There are many valuable (and less useful) things you can win on this goofy feature of LuckyCoinWorld such as free lottery ticket NFTs, small quantities of crypto to cover your gas fees, and non-winning lottery tickets, so you just might get that last one or two to turn them in for another chance at the Lucky Wheel, more free spins or just a motivational quote to put you in the mood for some LuckyCoinWorld adventures!

Promotional wheel:

Who knows, maybe your prize on a promotional NFT spin will be the one piece of the next superstar collection! Are you a project owner? Contact LCW for more information about their terms & conditions for strategic partnerships and promotional offers!

Lucky Coin Collections:

Common Lucky Coin – The biggest and cheapest collection. 10,000 pieces are waiting for their owners at the price of 16 MATIC/NFT, with 500 of them being lucky winners that will be awarded 96 MATIC. 

Uncommon Lucky Coin – The second-largest collection of lottery drafts. Each NFT will cost you 65.5 MATIC. After you purchase this precious coin, you will immediately get a place among the 8,000 contestants, but only 400 of them will take home the well-deserved 360 MATIC/winner.

Rare Lucky Coin – The luxurious Rare Lucky Coin can be purchased at the price of 115 MATIC/NFT. 200 spots are waiting for the lucky winners. Each of the winners can collect the prize of 1036 MATIC.

Epic Lucky Coin – Something that really makes you stand out from the crowd. Only 2000 NFTs are available for you to get your hands on them. Those fortunate enough to be one of the 80 lucky winners will take the 2545,5 MATIC as their prize.

The Funding Collection

LuckyCoinWorld offers various incentives both for those willing to actively pursue victory and for those who wish to generate income passively. Our revolutionary Founder NFTs allow holders to be co-owners of the protocol themselves, getting the right to vote on future developments and directions the expansion plans should take.

During the launch, 9000 unique NFTs will be waiting for their owners who want to take part in Lucky Coin World’s journey. The Funding collection is slightly different from the other collections. They act as lottery tickets for a specific one-time draft. Get ready, because there’s a twist. Win or lose with these lottery tickets, you’ll be among the 9000 lucky people who are fortunate enough to get a predefined percentage after each collection.