Kiralyfitness WebApp

What are webapps?

Web applications provide a way for developers to create interactive, user-friendly websites. They run on multiple operating systems and can be easily accessed using any web browser. Web applications are usually written in an application programming language such as PHP or JavaScript (React).

Web applications can be used in a variety of ways. They are the basis for most fitness apps, have a dashboard that shows the progress of your workout progress and allows you to keep track of what exercises you completed. There are also some web applications that allow you to create an online store, which is very popular with individuals who sells online.

Today, as much as ever, there is a stronger focus and attention on health and fitness. The coronavirus epidemic has increased the need for everyday exercise and moved the community to pay more attention on their will being . As a result, people are looking for extra info on their path to good health. A solid workout schedule combined with a healthy diet supports a healthy weight and promotes a good immune system, which are both important in fighting infection. Thus, the fitness studios get plenty of customers with different nutritious diets, workout plans, and personal trainers. Maintaining data on a simple sheet is difficult, and tracking the details is even harder. Thus, KingIT Solutions has developed a Web Application for KiralyFitness. This web app is operating as a CRM software. 


  • Managing memberships: Admins can add, delete, change memberships in English and Hungarian. All the membership can be categorised, could be option for session membership or monthly too.
  • Booking system to the gym: During pandemic it became evident that sometimes gyms have to strict the number of members in the same time within the facility. Therefore, our developer team built in a booking system that has to monitor the members who are signing in and out.
  • Booking personal trainers: Personal training is one of the best services at a gym that members like to use. We build a user-friendly system to book the personal trainers for session from the mobile app. The admin can add PTs, change their details, add session etc. in the webap.
  • Managing users- This includes the guest, receptionist, personal trainers etc. and details like their name, email, phone number, and other required information are there and can be seen just with a click.
  • Fitness Room reservations- The details regarding who is having the reservation to the fitness room at what date is mentioned for the management’s records. They don’t have to flip through pages of their diary anymore to maintain a database.
  • Cash flow- Even managing the income, expenditure and payments has become easier for management through this WebApp
  • Group training booking system to book different type of trainings for group activities.
  • Product management system to keep track of the sales, stock and cashflow.
  • Roaster: To see the schedule for staff and members who are entering into the gym.
  • Statistics to have an accurate data for the management about the company functionality.
  • Task management to effectively run the staff and keep them accountable.
  • Cloud drive to keep documents secure and accessible anytime.
  • Contact menu where admins can bring up the prospects for business
  • App settings where admins can edit, change, and moderate the mobile app

The dashboard shows the number of guests, staff members in the gym, daily sales, and other information that was very hard to maintain earlier. By putting everything on a single WebApp, KingIT solutions has made maintaining the data and records of the staff and guests as well as getting an insight into the sales, income, and expenditure so easy.

King IT solutions not only created the WebApp but also considered adding security to it. To provide Internet security, KingIT solutions uses WebRoot. It is considered one of the most reliable software for cybersecurity. This Webapp has made tracking, follow ups, and maintaining a database very easy for Kiralyfitness.

We appreciate Kiralyfitness for providing us with the opportunity to work for them. Their primary objective is to push people towards fitness and provide them with any assistance they may require. From cardio to nutritional supplements, Kiralyfitness has it all.

We at KingIT Solutions help the business in achieving their goal by giving a satisfactory IT solution (websites, mobile apps, webapps and many more)

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