KingIT Solutions partner project overview: PIXXTASY


PIXXTASY’s goal is to prevent drug use and encourage drug users to quit and recover, reaching out to young people with modern and popular methods, such as cryptocurrency and NFTs. PIXXTASY’s NFT collection will drop in small quantities (333+33+33 pieces in separate drops) with NFTs feeling premium and high quality. People interested in purchasing PIXXTASY NFTs can sign up for the whitelist and have a chance of being selected and allowed to purchase one. The NFTs are limited edition and hand-drawn by a professional artist, making them more desirable than mass-produced NFTs.

“Pixel” and “Ecstasy” were the inspiration for PIXXTASY, combining the pixels that are used in all digital content and displays as well as the potential euphoria that drug users end up craving. PIXXTASY was made to send a message, to teach and to help drug users.

The funds earned through NFT sales will help charities dealing with anti-drug campaigns and drug recovery programmes to run and reach more people. PIXXTASY will support the work of 11 non-profit organisations and rehabilitation centres globally using $1,000,000 of the project’s proceeds. The donation fund would be donated based on the frequency of NFT sales and a random lottery of donors will be held to determine which organisation receives the money.

KingIT Solutions’ Work on PIXXTASY:

KingIT Solutions has worked closely with the creator of PIXXTASY (Zoltán Egri) to create the project’s website, implementing the Three.js JavaScript library to create and display 3D animated graphics.

The graphics are embedded onto the webpage with integrated interactive functions, enabling the user to scroll with seamless transitions further on into the website, changing the FOV (field of view) as well, making use of AR (augmented reality) effects.

While the 3D art moves past the user, the top and bottom segments of the page continue to scroll with PIXXTASY’s tagline: “Don’t USE. JUST OWN IT”. 

The aim is to create a truly unique and unusual website that will grab the user’s attention much more than a standard page, the system uses 3D models and graphics which are then displayed in the browser using WEBGL (a JavaScript API which allows browsers to display 2D and 3D graphics).

Each piece of 3D pixel art displayed on the page was hand-drawn by a pixel artist, meaning each piece is unique and not taken from another source or generated automatically from other images.

The artwork is designed to look like current pop culture icons, such as Hello Kitty, Bitcoin, Star Wars, and many others, which is also the basis for PIXXTASY’s NFTs; relatable yet unique. The other reason for these designs is that real drugs are often shaped into pop culture icons, this allows PIXXTASY to raise more awareness of what illegal drugs can look like and their associated dangers due to unknown contents.

KingIT Solutions is working hard to develop unique and memorable content and website features for projects it is involved in; PIXXTASY’s website and pixel art showcases their ability to deliver high quality content for highly individualised projects.