KingIT Solutions – Chill Benji

What is Chill Benji?

Chill Benji is an NFT project which is designed to be the alter ego of the famous Benjamin Franklin, showing a lighter, more relaxed side of the revolutionary founding father. In this narrative Benjamin Franklin was famous for multiple reasons, including many inventions such as the lightning rod, his travels and his laid back attitude.

The NFTs have a variety of unique outfits, hats, eyewear, masks, accessories and facial expressions making every piece different from the last! All of the aforementioned customisations have varying rarity levels, making them more collectable and valuable. Chill Benji is a collection of 10,000 pieces of 3D art, all built onto the Ethereum blockchain and available on

There are intended future releases for other collections in the series such as “Chill Benji Travels” and “Chill German Shepherd Dog (GSD) Puppy” to expand upon the existing NFTs.

Those who hold Chill Benji NFTs have multiple perks, such as whitelist opportunities for upcoming collections, pre-sale pricing, airdrops, special requests or custom Chill Benji projects and even a say in the future of the Chill Benji project!

KingIT Solutions’ Dapp development

KingIT Solutions worked on developing a Dapp (Decentralised application) for Chill Benji. A Dapp is “an application that can operate autonomously, typically through the use of smart contracts, that run on a decentralized computing, blockchain or other distributed ledger system. Like traditional applications, Dapps provide some function or utility to its users. However, unlike traditional applications, Dapps operate without human intervention and are not owned by any one entity, rather Dapps distribute tokens that represent ownership.”.

The Dapp was built using Netlify and integrated with blockchain technology so that users can easily connect to their cryptocurrency wallet, in addition, it allows convenient access for users to purchase or mint Chill Benji NFTs. The Dapp has been optimised for both mobile and desktop devices, each with correct scaling and landscape or portrait adjustment.

The Dapp allows users to connect their Metamask (cryptocurrency wallet) and purchase Chill Benji NFTs or mint them. The Dapp provides users with valuable information, such as how many NFTs have been minted, the current ETH and USD price per Chill Benji NFT and it tracks how many NFTs are in each wallet as there is a maximum limit of 20 per wallet.

KingIT Solutions’ work on this NFT project has highlighted their versatility with working with not just mobile games, but also Dapps, NFTs and other web development activities.