KingIT Solutions at the Next Block Expo

Last month, KingIT Solutions had a highly productive and engaging experience at the Next Block Expo in Warsaw. Our team was represented by three dedicated individuals: Edvard, our CEO; Dani, our creative director; and Zsombor, our crypto specialist. The team effectively utilized the event’s unique networking system to set up productive meetings, connecting with a range of participants over two inspiring days.

The Next Block Expo offered an intelligent networking platform with a detailed profiling system. Our team members completed their profiles and utilized the platform to meet with around 50 attendees. These 15-minute sessions, pre-scheduled via the application, allowed for focused and efficient interactions.

The event was hosted in a cinema hall within a bustling mall, a setting that gave a unique backdrop to this blockchain-focused conference. Over the two days, Wednesday and Thursday, we had the opportunity to hear from and interact with global leaders in the blockchain and crypto industry, including prominent companies like Binance, Roche, BitDAO, and Delphi Digital.

The organizers deserve applause for the seamless management of the event. Everything was executed according to plan, contributing to the success of our networking efforts. The Wednesday party, with its invigorating ambiance, left a mark on the attendees, as some appeared quite exhausted by Thursday!

A notable accomplishment from the expo was the fruitful connections we established for our gaming project, MEDLand Universe. It proved to be an excellent platform for initiating new partnerships and exploring potential collaborations.

Leaving Warsaw, we are filled with enthusiasm from our time at the Next Block Expo. The conference not only provided a learning experience but also a great networking opportunity. We now look forward to nurturing these new connections, leveraging the insights gained, and exploring new avenues for KingIT Solutions. We are excited about the road ahead, knowing that our journey at Next Block Expo has added a significant value to our stride.