KingIT at the X. Hungarian Marketing Festival

The Hungarian Marketing Festival – which our company had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of through its founder – is Hungary’s biggest business festival focusing on current marketing trends regarding SMEs, therefore it attracts the top companies of this sector every year. This year’s event, the tenth in its history, had over 1.500 visitors, 50+ exhibitors, and more than 40 presenters, with packed rooms from the 8:30 am start until the closing at 5 in the afternoon.

The one day festival is not only a great way for exhibitors to make themselves seen. The whole day is packed with presentations concerning important and timely topics, and it’s also a networking heaven, as companies from different areas and fields represent themselves.

Our day was filled with exciting moments, and a lot of conversations with interesting people, as we were the only company present that deals in crypto development, crypto marketing, blockchain technology, and web3 in general. Four of us represented the company, and we also brought our partner, the founder of Crypto Drinks, Attila Kendefi with us.

Our CEO, Edvard Bene held a presentation titled “Changing gears! How to be successful and competitive using web3?” which grabbed the audience’s attention and filled the room with listeners. He spoke about the opportunities that the birth of web3 brought us, and showed listeners how they too can use these new technologies to their advantage. He also presented the current crypto projects we are working on, such as: Curve Finance, AAVE Protocol, Merit Circle, Aragon, and Kino DAO

Imre Gonda, our Operations Manager was there to answer every question about the legal aspects of web3, about our prices, and everything that has to do with our day-to-day operations.

Dániel Balázs, KingIT’s Creative Director welcomed every idea the attendees and other exhibiting businesses had – of which there were many! We love hearing ideas that we can build into something great, so the festival was a success in more than one way for us.

And finally, Zsombor Huiber, our crypto expert answered countless questions about blockchain technology, as when people saw our booth they couldn’t help but be interested about the next phase of the internet, decentralised finance, and what they can expect from the future, marketing- and otherwise.

After a long, productive, and enjoyable day, where we actually had the pleasure of signing two brand new clients, we had an impromptu company dinner. It became clear pretty quickly that none of us had any doubt about KingIT returning for the XI. Hungarian Marketing Festival next year, and we already have big plans in the works for the coming event!To find out more about our partner, Crypto Drinks, be sure to check their website!