Jaal Salon – Mobile application

Let us introduce one of our projects, Jaal Salon mobile application, the app was developed with the help of team ZOOL.LK. Our company loves challenges and moreover, we are excited to work on projects with reliable professionals. Jaal Salon’s mobile app was one of our first project to work together with an another developer team for the sake of creating something amazing.

Our company KingIT Solutions designs and implements our clients’ dreams. The basic idea behind this mobile application came from one of our asian client. Jaal is a luxurious wellbeing brand for people who want to take care of themselves. Our company teamed up with ZOOZ.LK to develop the mobile application that satisfies the client’s needs . The two main aspects of the application, were booking appointments and to make it easier to reach potential clients. By creating the mobile application, the Salon’s services became available to wider community, the UI/UX is user friendly to all age groups. On the other hand we have prepared a two second registration process with Facebook and google accounts to make the users register easier.

Here are a few photos of the application:

We would like to thank Jaal Hair Salon the opportunity to develop this mobile application for them. This Hair Salon is an extended franchise network, where the main focus is on the comfort of the clients and as service providers, they strive for providing luxurious services at an affordable price.

Hence this mobile application is not available in Hungary, we provide the link of the application in case, someone is interested in looking around.