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Lumanagi - DEX and Prediction Game

Lumanagi - DEX and Prediction Game

27 February 2024 BlockChain, Graphics, Webapplications, Websites

Project details

Lumanagi stands at the forefront of decentralized finance, merging the power of a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace with the innovative Lumanagi Trade Games, revolutionizing how users engage with the blockchain. As an automated market maker (AMM), Lumanagi eliminates intermediaries, enabling direct trades and automated transactions, further empowered by a governance token that democratizes platform decisions. Our collaboration with Lumanagi has birthed a unique crypto product, enhancing the platform's capabilities as a decentralized exchange under the guidance of our founder, Edvard Bene. The Lumanagi Trade Games offer a dynamic environment where users can predict token price movements, rewarding accurate forecasts with a share of the betting pool, fostering a vibrant community through interactive features like a Lottery Wheel, chat functions, and a leaderboard. Our comprehensive development approach, utilizing React.JS, MongoDB, and Tailwind for the frontend and backend, alongside deploying smart contracts via Solidity, has been pivotal in shaping this ecosystem. Our consulting services have been instrumental in devising an optimal reward system, marking a significant milestone in our journey with Lumanagi towards redefining blockchain engagement.

Engine: Wordpress
Time: 3 months 
Link: www.lumanagi.com

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