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QLab Crowdsale

QLab Crowdsale

27 February 2024 BlockChain, Graphics

Project details

We're proud to announce our contribution to the burgeoning Web3 sector through our development of the QLab Crowdsale contract. This initiative underscores our commitment to advancing a decentralized future, aligning perfectly with QLab's mission to uplift and empower emerging Web3 businesses. By crafting the crowdsale contract, we've played a pivotal role in enabling QLab to offer diverse funding options and foster a community of like-minded entities dedicated to mutual benefits and a shared vision for a decentralized world. The introduction of QLab Pre-Tokens ($QLPT) and their innovative swap mechanism during the pre-sale phase is a highlight of this project, ensuring early investors are rewarded for their trust and support. Our involvement in this project not only showcases our expertise in developing complex blockchain solutions but also our dedication to supporting our clients in achieving their strategic objectives. QLab's crowdsale contract is a testament to the platform's commitment to creating a robust, authentic collaborative platform for Web3 businesses, and we are thrilled to be a part of this journey.

Projekt részletei

Projekt részletei

Program: Figma
Time: 3 weeks

Our company carries out development work for our clients in the Hungarian and international markets, from simple websites through mobile and web applications to the world of web3, where we already have experience in all areas of crypto.




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