Bootcamp Shape Webapp

What is Bootcamp Shape?

Bootcamp Shape is a website that focuses on providing exercise programs and nutrition plans to help people achieve their goal of lowering their body fat percentage and becoming healthier!

The tagline: “EXERCISE + NUTRITION + MOTIVATION” (translated from Hungarian) emphasises their variety of exercise programmes, balanced nutrition plans and helping people become more motivated to work out, trying to help make exercise a lifelong habit.

They offer 3 types of exercise support for their customers:

  • The workout programme – Featuring exercise video guides, online workouts with help on how to perform the exercise correctly.
  • The nutrition programme – A personalised diet and nutrition plan tailored to the customer while also trying to make the foods healthy and delicious, with the addition of vitamins and nutritional supplements.
  • Intensive mentor programme – Transformation over 28 days, losing weight and focusing on a more athletic figure, offering a private Facebook group, 10 online training sessions per week with 5 trainers (varying skill levels) and a diet plan for 5 meals a day!

Bootcamp Shape offers a variety of supplements, beauty products, sports clothing, sports equipment and accessories in their store, providing everything someone could need to begin their exercise journey; Bootcamp Shape are partnered with HERBALIFE to provide only the highest quality supplements for their customers.

Webapp Development

KingIT Solutions has developed Bootcamp Shape’s webapp system which allows for easy access for changes and additions to important information such as:

  • Users – List of users who have signed up to the site.
  • Products – List of products currently available in the store.
  • Nutrition Plans – Creating and editing nutrition plans.
  • Calendar – Calendar system for planning exercises and events.
  • Programs – list of workout programs which can be edited, added or deleted.
  • Videos – Hosting all videos needed for the workout programs.
  • Total orders- the number of orders that have been placed.
  • Total Income- the current total income.
  • Push notifications – send notifications to users, e.g., for upcoming programs or products.

The webapp allows for users on any operating system and the use of any web browser to access the platform, making the system very accessible.

The streamlined system runs smoothly and provides an easy-to-understand platform for storing a variety of important documents, information and videos; all in one place, so they can all be accessed within seconds.

Custom features can easily be created and implemented into the webapp system depending on the needs of the client.