Alpha Facilities Custodial Web Application

Alpha Dashboard

What is the Alpha Facilities web application?

The Alpha Facilities web application provides cleaning companies with a comprehensive business management solution by bringing all of the features related to their tasks to a single platform. The application makes separate interfaces available for admins, supervisors, and clients, making operations transparent for all involved.

Admin features

Alpha Employees

Naturally, administrators have the broadest access, all features are available on the admin interface, all data can be modified and tasks can be easily managed.

When logging in, you will be met with the Dashboard, where you can view the companies currently employing cleaners, the sites, the employees, the clients, the supervisors, and the admins. 

Alpha Calendar

With the Calendar it’s easy to keep track of the tasks to be performed and completed, as well as the people responsible and involved, all categorised by location.

There are separate pages for Incident and Service Requests, which are easy to create and track using the app.

You can find and edit employee information, personal data, status, and job descriptions on the Employees page. 

On the Staff Management page, you can track the tasks and work of admins, supervisors and managers.

The Company Management feature allows you to manage the clients who are currently using the cleaning service, specify the different cleaning locations, and find the QR codes used for easy tracking.

The Site Supervision page allows you to manage pending, upcoming, ongoing, completed, and cancelled tasks in one place.

The Reports page provides logs of inspections, attendance, and incidents, making it easy to access the most relevant documentation.

The Stock Management page contains both an inventory of the different assets by the number of items and by volume, and the supervisor requests for replacements of assets that are running out.

The Real-time Tracking feature allows you to organise the arrival and departure times of cleaners, and the check-in and check-out locations can be verified using GPS coordinates.

The Details page is used to display all information not related to the other pages, as well as for process development. 

Supervisor features

Other than staff management and company management, the supervisor interface includes all admin features, which are complemented by a chat interface that facilitates easy ongoing communication with employees, as cleaners can access this interface from the mobile app that accompanies the web application.

Client features

Clients have the same access to a dashboard, calendar, incident and service requests, and statements. Clients do not have the right to make changes, but they can track the work done for them, and its quality as well.