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About Us

Who we are and what we do

Our goal is to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs or SMBs). Our company primarily offers a modern look in the form of an application to companies that have not had the opportunity to do so. With us, quality work is coupled with fair, budget-friendly prices.

Who We Are

An IT team who love innovation and new market trends. We design, work and make our clients more successful.

Why Choose Us

Our advantage is affordable prices for all type of companies, professional attitude and many years of experience in developing any kind of software.

What We Do

We design and create Mobile and Web Applications, websites and web shops, mainly for the SME sector. We help with Digital Marketing and Content Production.



Chief Executive Officer(CEO)

I founded my first business in 2016, which has grown into a well-profitable business within the fitness sector. In the following years, I started to work with IT and within that the production and marketing of mobile applications. I found excitement and motivation in this industry due to the constant challenges. Each of our clients comes to us with their own idea and some exciting work to make it happen to them.

It inspires me to always give my maximum. With my international experience gained during my studies in London, which I gained in business management and business law, my committed goal is to introduce all companies to mobile and web applications. I consider it my mission to help companies to enter the international market and be given the opportunity for exponential growth.




Hungarian Operations Manager

In addition to managing the company, I also perform operational management tasks in Hungary. For me, quality and precise work have always been important. My goal is to support businesses and thus company leaders, to guide them in a more profitable direction.

My goal and the goal of our company KingITSolutions is to help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in a way that brings the most innovative online solutions within reach of them.

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