AAVE Featured

Aave’s mission is to provide grants to projects, ideas, and events that benefit Aave and its ecosystem. Aave Grants DAO is a community-led grants program to fund ideas submitted by the Aave protocol’s community, with a focus on empowering a wider network of community developers. The grants program was created after a community discussion, which can be found on Aave’s governance forum.

Protocol development; applications and integrations; developer tooling; code audits; committees, sub-committees, and DAOs that serve the Aave ecosystem; community projects (marketing and educational); and events & hackathons are all eligible for grant funding

There are two ways to apply for a grant: Rapid Grants and Community Grants. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Rapid Grants are grants below $20.000, with a faster decision process. The application will only be shared with members of the grants committee. If it passes a round of review, it will be approved and you’ll be sent confirmation of the same within a few days.

Grants are bigger grants between $20.000 and $100.000 with a fast decision process as well. Your application will go through a round of review, interview, and internal deliberation. Positive feedback will lead to your grant being approved.

Community Grants are very large grants above $100.000. If you have positive feedback after a round of review and interview, you will have to share your proposal on Aave’s governance forum for voting. Your grant will be processed based on the outcome of voting there.

If you have a grant application above $500k, it’s recommended that you directly share your proposal on Aave’s governance forum. 

If you plan on applying for an AAVE grant, KingIT Solutions is here to guide you along the process. We’ll create your pitch deck and also help with the necessary documentation. We can develop your website and your Minimum Viable Product. With our help, you have all the needed tools at your disposal to win a grant and make your project flourish.